Hey Cleveland! I love you! And here’s a blog to prove it ;)

Hey there Cleveland!

I decided to start a new blog dedicated to my love for you!

Yes, I know there are a lot of great Cleveland blogs out there, already professing their undying love to you.

So, why start a new “I love Cleveland” blog?

I have my own special relationship with you, Cleveland. My own perspective.

I’ve lived here all my life, and though I’ve contemplated moving somewhere warmer, especially on bitter cold days like today, I will probably be here for a long time to come, and I’m happy with that! There are a lot of great things about you and I look forward to writing more about that.

Sure, I am NOT what you would consider a  true sports aficionado.  Yes, I married a Steelers fan, and no, I can’t currently name any Tribe players, but I am still rooting for the Browns, the Tribe, the Cavs along with the rest of your loyal sports fans!

And I’m rooting for you! I believe with all my heart, you have so much to offer and I’m going to use this blog to shout it out to the world!