Coming Clean about my Cleveland 1/2 Marathon Training

My bio on my Twitter page simply states “Training for the Cleveland half-Marathon May 19, 2013! I like #treadmilltweets.

I don’t remember when I decided I was going to run the half-marathon in Cleveland again this year, but it was at least 4 months ago.

I remember getting so pumped up about my training! I was really going to do it right this year!

I picked up this favorite of mine: 20130321_114028

I posted Coach Jenny’s 14 week “Run Half Marathon” schedule right to my calendar:


And I even created a new Twitter account where, I have to say, I have received a lot of support and encouragement from other Cleveland Marathon runners-to-be! (Thanks!!)

It’s now week 6 of my training and guess how many days I have trained! Well, if you follow me on Twitter, and you guessed TWICE due to the fact that I have only tweeted about two runs in the last 6 weeks, you would be CORRECT!

So now the big question… do I still run the Cleveland half-marathon on May 19th?

I must admit, I was ready to throw in the towel.  Two years ago, I had much better weather for training. This year, we have had so much more snow and I’m really not a fan of the treadmill (the only joy I find on the treadmill is my treadmill tweets!)

After receiving some encouragement from friends and other fellow runners, I have decided that I still really do want to try to run Cleveland! I still have a good 8 weeks left. I was hoping to really train hard for 14 weeks but I am now going to train hard for 8 weeks and set my half-marathon goals accordingly!

Starting today!

Thanks again to everyone for all the positive vibes and here’s hoping for some warmer Cleveland weather real soon!