Supe’s on!


I thought I would share some of my favorite Cleveland Memories with you on Thursdays in honor of TBT.

Who remembers this red-nosed Cleveland superhero clown, known as SUPERHOST!?


Superhost was created and portrayed by Marty Sullivan, a TV personality at Cleveland’s WUAB Channel 43, from 1969 to 1989.

When I was little, we only had one TV in the house and every weekend, the TV was Dad’s.

We didn’t really like his syndicated show choices which included Star Trek, Kung Fu, and M.A.S.H., but on Saturday afternoons, Dad would pop up a big bowl of popcorn, (seasoning it with butter and Accent, which I think is basically MSG, (yes…. I know! But it tasted amazing!)) and Supe was on!

I also wasn’t a fan of the the monster movies that Superhost showed but I watched anyway so I wouldn’t miss any of the clips and skits, before and after the commercials, of the superhero clown.

For some reason I also thought it was so funny when Superhost’s alter ego was dressed in a suit, seriously reporting the news.

Here are a few articles I found online about this Cleveland icon:

What are your SUPERHOST memories?


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