Grocery Shopping in Cleveland

I’d like to start today’s post by saying, I HATE GROCERY SHOPPING! I mean, I truly, absolutely detest it!

I would probably enjoy the necessary routine, if the closest grocery stores to me fell into my favorite top 4 Cleveland area grocery stores! But of course, they don’t.

With that being said, here is my list of the 7 places I normally shop for food in Cleveland, in order from my favorite, to not-so favorite.

(Click on the pictures to access each stores website.)

#1 West Side Market




Whole Foods


Trader Joes





Gian tEagle


How does your list compare to mine? Chime in on the comments and let me know your favorite places to shop for food in Cleveland!

Tomorrow I will write more about why I love the West Side Market so much!!!


7 thoughts on “Grocery Shopping in Cleveland

  1. Ughh if only I lived near West Side Market! I’m south of Cle so I don’t get that! Sad day. We only have Giant Eagle and Walmart here. Heinen’s is nearby though, not too far! I love Heinens other than how pricey they are!

  2. I usually go to Marc’s and maybe Giant Eagle if I need something unusual. During the summer months, I supplement with a CSA membership to Fresh Fork Market and shopping at the Downtown Willoughby Outdoor Market. Wish I lived closer to a Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods, but it doesn’t work for me to drive 30 minutes for food!

  3. I live an hour south of Cleveland so I don’t have the luxury of going to the amazingly awesome west side market. I’m also on the Dave Ramsey budget so I go to Aldi. Anything they don’t have there I get at Giant Eagle.

    ALSO, I love the new layout!

  4. Hey everyone! Thanks soooo much for your comments and replies on my new blog. I hoped to write almost every day but I had some major things that came up and kinda threw me for a loop. I will be writing a new post soon. I personally live 45 minutes away from the West Side Market, Whole Foods and Trader Joes myself. I used to get a group of friends to carpool every Friday morning to the market but life has gotten a little too hectic. I would like to resume my Friday West Side Market ritual, but now with the fire, we will see when that is even possible. Personally I’m stuck shopping at Walmart, Marcs and Giant Eagle myself. I had a post drafted about the pros and cons of all these places, but it was sooooo long, (not unlike this comment 😉 that I figured nobody would really want to read it. I hope to be back with more posts soon! Thanks again for reading!!!

  5. Tom, thanks so much for the compliment, by the way!!! I will probably mess with it more as I have time (extra time ? ha… what’s that?)

    What is the Dave Ramsey diet, by the way?

    • Oh! That Dave Ramsey! Yes. Now I get it! (Sorry, I’m a little slow sometimes 😉

      I have only been to Aldi’s a few times but I’m not familiar enough with it to really utilize it. I definitely saved money on the things I did buy. I intend on eventually giving it more of a try! Thanks for the clarification 😉

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